Martial Art

Find all the modern and traditional martial arts supplies and equipment you need for your training here!

When you are sparring hard and training hard you need gear that is as tough as you and won’t quit when the training gets tough. Here we offer that type of equipment and gear. Our gear is used by martial arts schools around the world. From Master instructors to beginning students of all styles. We have you covered.

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You can order foam sparring gear, vinyl sparring gear and even MMA gear here. Do you need kicking shields or targets, well we have you covered there too! From kicking paddles to focus mitts for punches and kicks. Our kicking shields are some of the strongest on the market. Perfect for round and sidekicks.

For the traditional arts we have your training and practice weapons. From bokkens to shinais and even bo staffs for competitions. Need a uniform? You will find all of the major styles represented. Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and even MMA.

Training in traditional martial arts styles one learns the art of self defense using your body and not guns or other modern weapons although training with traditional weapons is certainly a part of most traditional styles.  The goal of most self defense styles around the world is to defeat an opponent or protect yourself against a physical attack. Here you will find all the martial arts supplies you need for your training.

You will find that differing styles and schools will have their own traditions and will focus on slightly different aspects of self defense and philosophy.  Today it is more common for people to train in the martial arts for many different reasons, first and foremost for many adults is the ability to protect themselves and for children to learn self confidence and control. Physical fitness is also very high on the list of reasons for training in the martial arts.  Classes can be physically challenging and rewarding to those working toward a goal of losing weight or staying in good physical condition as they age. Mental focus and self discipline are added bonuses to training in the martial arts as well.  It takes considerable amounts of concentration to be able to follow along and learn the skills required to perform self defense techniques and kata.