Martial Arts and Karate Belts that Wont Bleed Their Color During Hard Training
When you train hard everyday, some lesser quality belts will bleed their color onto the uniform due the sweat that seeps into them. With our belts you wont have to worry about that. We only offer quality colored rank blets that don’t bleed. In the martial arts you will typically be awarded a new colored belt periodically through the years. These rank promotions indicate the level of training you have accomplished and reward you for skills learned. The skill levels and requirements to achieve belt ranking may differ from style to style and even from school to school within the same styles as instructors update or modify their teaching and ranking methods. Belt ranking originated many years ago in the Kodokan Judo organization and was introduced by Jigoro Kano. In the beginning there were really only two belt rank colors, white and black. It is believed that the ranking were given to allow students to compete against others within their same skill level, white belts would not compete against black belts as they would have little chance of defeating them.
As styles grew and progressed additional colors were added to determine skill levels and to create a balanced format for students to work toward the goal of black belt. In most cases you would have a set amount of time between belts that you were expected to be able to master the required skills before testing for your next rank, this allows instructors to monitor students progress as they work toward the goal of black belt.

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