Judo Uniforms

There are a lot of different words that can be accurately used to describe Judo, including fun sport, self defense, activity, art, discipline, and entire way of life. While all these words can describe Judo, the truth is that many more would be accurate as well. Stemming back from a feudal Japan fighting system, Judo was founded back in 1882. At its earliest stages Judo was a refinement of jujutsu, a system that dates back centuries in Japan. Judo really became popular when it became an Olympic Sport in 1964. Judo students can now be found around the world. There are several benefits to studying Judo including self defense, physical fitness, and competition fighting. While many people begin their study of Judo for entertainment purposes, for many it quickly becomes a life passion. To protect the competitors during a fight Judo employs rules, just as other martial arts do. There are many different levels of competition for those students of Judo who would like to test their skills, from club tournaments to the ultimate Judo competition, the Olympic Games. One of the hallmarks of Judo is its throw techniques. While the throws are fascinating, Judo also includes grappling, arm and leg locks, controlling holds, and choking techniques. All the different aspects of self defense from the grapplers standpoint are taught by Judo. Even disabled students can learn much from Judo. Judo is one of those sports which is in season year round and fairly inexpensive to participate in. Many elderly people make the practice of Judo a part of their everyday routine. Self respect and discipline are also taught by Judo. Physical power, flexibility, and leadership skills are all part of Judo training. Over the last several years Judo has evolved from fighting sport to competition sport. Judo is now broken down to separate ranks for children, adults, and seniors. You learn all that you need to know for both competition and self defense from this martial art which names translates as gentle way. Many of the amazing throws and other parts of Judo rely more on technique than strength. This is one martial art that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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