A popular and traditional weapon the samurai sword is used for cutting rather than stabbing. Designed for use with two hands to allow for greatest control when slashing and fighting off an opponent. The samurai sword can be purchased in several varieties and material depending on your particular needs. An expensive option is to purchase a sword with a pre-sharpened stainless steel blade that can be used for cutting purposes. These swords are used in practice and demonstration and the sword handler will utilize a bamboo roll to show the sharpness of the blade and the expert skill required to slice into the bamboo. The longer version of the samurai sword is traditionally referred to as a katana or daito while the shorter version used for close combat fighting is called a shoto or wakizashi. There are many styles and finishes of samurai swords to choose from and this is a decision based more on personal taste rather than necessity. There are very simple designs which feature solid colored scabbards and no elaborate hand guard decorations and then there are very elaborately decorated swords that have flashy styles and hand painted scabbards with ornate gilding on the scabbard and hand guards.

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