Wooden Swords

Our wooden swords are the perfect accompaniment to your training with real swords. Use these wooden practice weapons to develop your control and technique before you start training with the live bladed swords. Great for beginners who are just learning the new weapon. We also carry the Aikido bokken sword and shinai for those who want to practice the art of Kendo or are working on the Japanese samurai sword techniques.

Selecting a Bokken: When beginning to train with traditional samurai style swords a good option is to purchase a wooden bokken aka: wood samurai sword” as these are close in style and shape but will allow you to begin your training without the added weight or blade to worry about. There are several options to choose from starting with red oak that can be purchased in either a natural or black lacquered finish. The color is mainly a personal decision as it has no bearing on the weight or style of the bokken. For a lighter alternative to the red oak you can also purchase a white oak or bamboo bokken as these will be lighter and in some cases a bit thinner as well. For small children the youth bokken is a great choice as it is shorter and designed for smaller hands to work with. Of course there are decorative styles of bokken as well if you are interested in something a bit flashier. Bokken with cord wrapped handguards, tiger pattern bokken and bokken with a dragon painted on the blade are very popular. If practicing sword drawing is necessary you may want to invest a bit more money and purchase an oak bokken with scabbard.

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